Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Harry Potter "Pottermania"

When did the craze all start?

When the madness had begun,
Most of us were reading are favorite author over again for at least the third time and there were many of us searching through the book rack for that great book that was hiding and just out of reach just waiting be read and take us on a journey of which the like we have never been.

The pottermania phenomenon has grown ever increasingly to a point of no explanation. Harry Potter novels have already reached legendary status. What is so enriching about the novels that keep everyone so enticed by these wonderful works of reading is its vast point of storytelling at its finest. A world so illusive in an imagination so thought out by the second wealthiest lady in Britain besides the Queen, J.K. Rowling has brought us into a world we could not see ourselves without. I hope after all seven books are finished that she may find time to enhance on this world she has created and maybe even develop new stories with potter or with new characters.

The 6 book in the Potter series has lightened up a bit form book 5 which is still by far the darkest Potter book to date. It is definitely a page turner by all means and a great read.

I’m very curious as too what will be J.K. Rowling’s next project after the Potter series is indeed complete. But as the Pottermania continues so do the many thousands of blogs about Potter continue.

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